Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, FTM, (www.tmf.bg.ac.rs) has a long-standing tradition in high education and scientific research in chemical engineering, biotechnology, materials engineering, environmental engineering, and metallurgy and offers bachelor, master, and doctoral studies in these fields consistent with the programs at the best U.S. and European schools. Research and educational programs are composed so to link together fundamental knowledge of basic sciences and engineering principles in practical applications in various technological processes. The Faculty has significant results in numerous national and international scientific projects as well as in the design of pilot and industrial chemical, petrochemical, food-processing, and wastewater treatment plants, and it is also engaged in development of cleaner production processes and proper management of hazardous waste. Materials engineering is one of the strongest research fields at the FTM, including synthesis and processing of organic and inorganic materials, composites, biomaterials, and nanomaterials. FTM has established a broad collaborative network with a number of international institutions, such as Columbia University (USA), University Hospital Basel (Switzerland), Max Plank Institute (Germany), Ohio University (USA), Laval University, Quebec (Canada), University of Trento (Italy), University of Milan (Italy), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California (USA), Texas A&M University (USA), University of Ottawa (Canada), University of Southampton (UK), National Technical University of Athens (Greece), etc. Altogether FTM has about 1500 students, 350 of whom are doctoral students. The personnel number is about 230 people, of which 96 are professors.