The mission of the ExcellMater project is to increase the scientific and technological capacity of FTM in the area of biomaterials engineering by efficient twinning the knowledge and expertise from the project partners, internationally leading institutions, with the special focus on biological characterization, translation, commercialization, and clinical applications of novel biomaterials. The successful twinning and accompanying actions will create a new generation of scientists at FTM able to design, coordinate and execute experimental studies of biomaterials with a clear vision of the road-map from bench-to-bedside especially targeting the development of novel, personalized biomedical products. Furthermore, it is aimed that FTM acts as a focal point to bring together local partner institutions working in the fields of biomedical and life sciences as well as to create fertile links to the interested SMEs and industrial partners. By efficient dissemination actions it is aimed to attract attention of the wider national and international scientific communities, healthcare sector and companies, as well as general public, thus increasing visibility and attractiveness of FTM.


The vision of the ExcellMater project is to build an ecosystem around FTM gathering together key-players from academic, scientific, health and industrial sectors and establishing functional two-way communication pathways to patients and general public, for efficient and advantageous translation of research results to novel medical products in Serbia, thus providing direct impacts on the economy, healthcare system and generally on the quality of life.