Bioceramic Materials Group

Department of Inorganic Chemical Technology
Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy
University of Belgrade

About us

The Bioceramic Materials Group at the Department of Inorganic Chemical Technology, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, conducts research on dense and macroporous sintered bioceramics and biocomposite materials, bioactive cements and coatings. Research expertise is in biomaterials synthesis, processing, characterization and applications in dentistry and biomedicine.


  • synthesis, processing, characterization and biocompatibility of bioceramic and biocomposite materials for bone tissue repair and regeneration
  • macroporous biomaterials to provide support for new bone formation and act as carrier for different regenerative factors and reparative cells to stimulate osteinduction, osteoconduction and osteointegration
  • ion dopping approach for inducing gene expression and antimicrobial properties


Prof. Dr. Djordje Janaćković, Head of the group, e-mail:;

Prof. Dr Rada Petrović, e-mail:;

Assist. Prof. Dr Djordje Veljović, e-mail: