The general objective of the project is to advance the research and innovation capacity of FTM) in the area of biomaterials engineering by collaboration with leading institutions able to implement substantial rise of the research staff profile, which will lead to creation of new medical products and devices, and in the longer term, contribute to establishment of a high-tech biomedical industrial and socio-economic sector.

The specific objectives of this proposal are:

SO1: Establishment of new strong and sustainable links between FTM and three internationally-leading institutions for a prospect of a longer-term post-project cooperation, involving also agile SMEs and industry.

SO2: Increase in the number of scientific publications produced by FTM in peer-reviewed, open access biomedical, medical and pharmaceutical journals with the increase in the average IF.

SO3: Increase in the number of presentations at international conferences delivered by FTM.

SO4: Organization and implementation of six seminars and workshops, two integrated summer schools and an international conference covering different topics in biomaterials engineering.


SO5: Perform at least 28 short-term staff exchange (STSE) month-missions, 15 site expert visits (SEV) from Serbia, with 9 SEV to Serbia with knowledge transfer and training purposes.

SO6: Train the research and administrative staff of FTM in project proposal writing and project management and administration so that an internal expert group will be formed and at least one research project proposal related to biomaterials will be prepared for the active Framework Program instruments or to international cooperative schemes with FTM as a partner.

SO7: Establishment of at collaborative projects of FTM with industrial partners to pursue translation and commercialization of novel biomaterials, based on the trainings received within this project.