Dr. Giuseppe Cappellano

Assistant Professor

Dr. Giuseppe Cappellano, PhD and Assistant Professor of Immunology at UPO. After his PhD in molecular medicine, he performed his postdoctoral studies in the field of immunology focused on autoimmune diseases. His research interests are the development of biocompatible nanoparticle platform for delivery of tolerogenic vaccines for treatment of autoimmune diseases.  He has worked at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and at the Medical University of Innsbruck, where he focused his research on immunobiocompatibility of biomaterials (e.g. silicone breast implant). He was the lab chief at the laboratory of autoimmunity (Innsbruck) and he has been training PhD, master and bachelor students. He has the habilitation for Associate Professor in General and Clinical Pathology. He is co-Author of over 46 scientific on international journals with editorial board, 2 book chapters. Scopus Author ID: 4075454500 H-Index 18, 780 citations.